About MGHF

High quality 3d render of a miniature house on a blue financial chart. Housing market concept. Miniature house is lit by the upper left corner of composition. Horizontal composition with copy space. Great use for real estate and morgage related concepts.

About MGHF

Micro Green Housing Finance Private Limited  is a housing finance company incorporated in March 2022 and received its Certificate of Registration from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to operate as a housing finance company (NBFC-HFC) in March 2023. The Company is formed with the objective of providing housing finance, secured business loans and loan against property primarily to under-served section of the society and un-reached markets where the demand is largely unmet and the shortfall of housing is increasing with increase in population, nuclearization of families and urban migration.

The Company will intitially operate in the state of Maharashtra and will expand its operations in other states following capital allocation, data analytics and personal visits to newer markets.

Our business model is built on a strong foundation of people, governance, risk management and technology to deliver world-class affordable products to our customers.
Our in-house built-in technology will provide effective and efficient customer service.

Foundational pillars of MGHF








Prudent Risk Management

Balanced growth


Financial inclusion with Green Housing

In addition to driving financial inclusion, our mission is to facilitate the customers with an access to design, technology and materials for constructing sustainable and climate friendly homes, i.e. green housing, thus reducing carbon footprint, provide healthy and enduring homes.

In-house experienced and professional architects providing guidance and service to local contractors/ architects and customers to build eco-friendly, sustainable and durable house. 

Seminars, workshops and personal connect at local level is helping change in perspective of customers, building contractors and architects to build environment friendly houses.


MGHF_certifiate of registration

Our Vision

Empowering the under-served create long term and eco-friendly assets.


Our Mission

Empower under-served individuals by providing affordable and customized home finance solutions.

Innovate continuously to ensure eco-friendly home ownership is accessible to all.

Obsess about improving customer experience over the lifecycle, helping them become financially secure over the long term.


Our Values

Integrity is binary, period.

Customer is king, queen, everything. 

Strive to be Eco-friendly in everything we do.

Innovate to improve, everyday.

Bring smile to work, get things done. 

Ignite enthusiasm.

“Nothing to hide”, stay transparent.

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