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Name/s of the Borrower/s:
Application Number:
Loan Product: Home Loan/Loan against Property
Major terms and conditions of your Loan agreed to between the Borrower/s named above and Micro Green Housing Finance Private Limited ("MGHF" / “Company” / “Lender”) are as under:

Key Terms of the Loan

Loan Sanctioned Amount Rs.
Interest Type (Fixed/Floating or Dual/Special Rate) Fixed Rate Of Intrest

In case of Floating Interest Rate - Floating rate of interest shall be directly linked to PLR of MGHF computed in accordance with the internal policy as approved by the Board of Directors of MGHF. PLR as arrived at plus/ (minus) applicable spread for the borrower
Purpose of Loan Home Loan / Secure Bussines Loans/ Loan Against Property / Others
Rate of Interest Fixed rate - 14% to 25% p.a
Tenor Months
EMI Amount Rs.
Number of EMIs
Installment Type Monthly
Presentation date for EMI/Pre-EMI 5th/ 10th of every month
Mode Of Repayment NACH
Mode of Communication for Change in Interest Rate Via letter/SMS/Email

Note 1: In case of a change in interest rate the EMI amount mentioned will remain constant and the tenor of the loan will be adjusted. However, MGHF reserves the right to reset the rate of interest and change the EMI payable.

Note 2: The Borrower/s shall pay the EMIs and the Pre EMI-Interest (as applicable) regularly on his/her/their own without any reminder or intimation from MGHF.

Note 3: As per policy and practices being followed by MGHF, all customers are intimated of any change in the Lending Rate. Further, besides sending of individual intimation by letter/Email/ SMS, such changes in the Lending Rate are duly notified and displayed immediately on the website of MGHF for information to all its customers.

Fees and Charges

Nature of Charge Amount
Copy of Welcome Letter and Amortization Schedule Rs.250/-
Lead generation fee ₹150/- per application fee incl. @ GST 18%
Initial Non-refundable Application Fees ₹4,000/- + GST @ 18% for individual Housing Loans
₹4,500/- + GST @ 18% for individual Non-Housing Loans
₹8,000/- + GST @ 18% for non-individua
Processing Fee HL - ₹20,000 or upto 2.99% of Sanctioned Amount (whichever is higher) + GST 18%
LAP – ₹20,000 or upto 3.49% of Sanctioned Amount (whichever is higher) + GST 18%
Loan Cancellation Charges Rs. 5,000
CERSAI charges ₹150/- for loan amount upto Rs. 5 lakhs
₹250/- thereafter
PDC / NACH Bounce Charges Rs. 500/-
RCU Charges Rs. 1000/-
CPV Charges Rs. 750/-
Collection Charges Rs. 500/-
Legal Verification Charges Rs. 5,000/-
Technical Verification Charges Rs. 3,500/-
Technical Verification Charges – Each Tranche disbursement Rs. 1,500/-
Completion Certificate Rs. 500/-
Document Storage charge Rs. 700/-
Document Custodian Fees – Post Loan Closure Rs. 100/- per Month (Chargeable after 30 days of loan tenure completion and if documents is un-collected)
Document Handling and credit check charges Rs. 1,000 per co-applicant (Individual) + Rs. 3000 per co-applicant (non-individual) for Document Handling and credit check charges
Administrative Fees Upto ₹ 1,000/-
Post disbursement document (PDD Charges) Upto ₹ 500/-
Non-refundable BT upfront fees mandate Rs. 5,000/-
Conversion charges if switching from floating to fixed interest and vice-versa] The Company/Lender, at its sole discretion but without being bound to do so, may at the request of the Borrower(s) and if so required by the Company/Lender, on payment of a Repricing Fee by the Borrower, permit the Borrower to change the Fixed Rate of Interest, with effect from a prospective date acceptable to the Company/Lender or with effect from the commencement of such prospective iinterest determination period as may be acceptable to the Company/Lender. The revised Rate of Interest shall be linked to Applicable PLR and thereafter the interest on the loan will be calculated on the basis of the Applicable PLR determined as aforesaid.

Repricing Fee means the fee paid / to be paid by the Borrower(s) to the Company/Lender if the Borrower(s) requests the Company/Lender for change in the Rate of Interest applicable to the Borrower. The levying of such Repricing Fee on the Borrower(s) in the circumstances stated hereinabove shall be subject to the sole and absolute discretion of the Company/Lender.
Penal Charges for delay in deposit (Applicable on Outstanding Instalment Due) 24% annually for Home Loans
36% annually for all other Loans
PDC /NACH Swap fees ₹ 1,500/-
Statement of Account, List of Documents, Foreclosure Letter and Duplicate NOC ₹500/- per document
Retrieval of Copy of Documents Rs.250/- for one document
Rs.500/- for 2 to 4 document
Rs.1000/- for more than 4 documents
Prepayment and Foreclosure charges 5% of the outstanding principle at the time of prepayment / foreclosure
Where the home loan sanctioned to Individual Borrower with or without co-applicant at Floating Rate of Interest: NO CHARGES/NIL

In case of Non-Housing loan given to Individual/Non-individual for business purpose on Floating Rate of Interest: 5% charges would be levied on principle outstanding for pre-closure and part-payment

In respect of property under construction, the MGHF may in its sole discretion allow the Borrower to prepay or pay the amount equivalent to the pre- EMI, until possession of the property is received by the Borrower or when the property is ready for occupation whichever is earlier on such terms as determined by MGHF in its sole discretion, subject to applicable laws.

At the request of the Borrower, MGHF may accept the full pre-payment of the dues and foreclose the loan if the borrower has paid at least one equated monthly instalment (EMI).

At the request of the borrower, MGHF may accept part pre-payment of the loan provided that the Borrower pays a minimum sum of one EMI under the loan. Based on the part pre-payment made by the Borrower, as stated herein, either the pre-payment shall be treated as advance EMI to be adjusted against future EMIs or the tenor shall be reduced to the extent of the part pre-payment made or EMI amount shall be reduced by maintaining the tenor with the mutual written consent of the parties.
Collection Charges
Cheque Collection Charges
Cash Collection Charges
₹ 500/- per visit
₹ 500/- per visit
₹ 500/- per visit
Original Document Retrieval Fee Rs. 3000 /-
Stamp duty / registration As per actuals
Legal Recovery Charges Actual amount spent towards the legal action to be paid by customer.
Disbursement Cancellation PEMI/EMI collected upto loan cancellation date will not be refunded

Above fee and charges are subject to change and will be at the sole discretion of MGHF and any change in charges, would be informed to the customer in writing/email/ SMS.

All the above charges are exclusive of GST.

Security of the Loan

Mortgage Property Details:
Guarantee (The name of the Guarantors shall be mentioned):
Other Security if any:

Insurance of the Property/Borrowers:

The Borrower/s is/are required to insure the property against all risks including fire, earthquake, and flood etc and make MGHF the sole beneficiary under the policy. The Borrower/s has/have to pay the premium in time and keep the policy alive at all times during the period of the loan and produce evidence thereof to MGHF from time to time on his/her/their own.

Insurance of the Borrower: In order to protect the life of borrower

Health insurance : In order to protect borrower from financial instability during the loan tenure

Conditions for disbursement of loan

Compliance by the Borrower/s with the requisite conditions contained in the Sanction Letter; payment of own contribution; production of all property and title related documents; submission of approved plans;, statutory approvals and creation of security in favor of MGHF as required by it.

Repayment of the Loan & Interest

The repayment of the loan and the interest thereof shall be made by the Borrower(s) in equated monthly instalments. The total EMIs will depend upon the tenor of the loan. The due date of EMI is 5th / 10th of every month. The Borrower(s) will be charged interest on the last day of each month or such other resets as may be communicated from time to time. The Rate of Interest(s) shall apply, unless changed by the Company/Lender through prior notification to the Borrower. The Borrower accepts that the prime lending rate, if applicable to the loan, may be reset from time to time depending upon the change in underlying components of the computation of rate of interest. Further, Company/Lender shall have the discretion to modify the reset frequency and reset dates from time to time.

Brief Procedure for Recovery of Overdues

MGHF shall issue written notice or notices to the Borrower/s before initiating legal process including court proceedings to recover over dues or the entire outstanding loan with unpaid dues and charges, as the case may be. However, though not obliged, MGHF may in its sole discretion give personal or telephonic or written reminder or intimation to the Borrower/s prior to the above action.

Date on which annual outstanding balance statement will be issued

On Customer request.

Customer Service

The customer may visit our branch office between 9:30 am to 1:30 pm (Monday-Friday) except on National Holidays.

Person to be contacted for customer service: MGHF Branch Manager or Sales Manager as the case may be.


Customers who wish to provide feedback or send in their complaint may also use the following channels between 10:00 am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday (except on national Holidays)

Toll Free Number 1800-890-5969
Write to us at address: Micro Green Housing Finance Private Limited
T-361, 6th Floor, CBD Belapur station building, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 4000614
Procedure to Obtain the mentioned documents
  • Loan Account Statement can be provided within 7 business days from the of date of receipt of request to branch team/Customer Service team (Necessary administrative fees shall be applicable as per MITC)
  • Photo copies of title documents can be provided within 10 business days from the date of receipt of request. (Necessary administrative fees shall be applicable as per MITC)
  • Original documents will be returned within 30 business days from the date of closure of loan
Grievance Redressal

MGHF have a system and a procedure for receiving, registering and disposing of complaints and grievances in each of its offices, including those received on-line.
The Customer Grievance Mechanism as below:

Step 1

Please visit the nearest Micro Green Housing Finance Private Limited Branch and submit your complaints/grievance get your complaint logged in the "Complaint & Grievance Register" maintained at the branches (During the working hours from 9:30 A.M to 6:30 P.M). We will respond to your complaint within 15 working days.

Step 2

If you are still not satisfied with the resolution you receive, or you don't receive any response within 15 working days you can write, mail, fax or call to the Nodal Officer of the company:-

Mr. Sominder Singh (Nodal Officer)
Micro Green Housing Finance Private Limited
T-361, 6th Floor, CBD Belapur station building,
CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400614
E-Mail ID:
After examining the matter, we shall send the customer our final response or explain why it needs more time to respond and shall endeavor to do so within six weeks.

Step 3

If your complaint still remains unresolved, you may directly approach the regulatory authority of Housing Finance Companies, National Housing Bank for redressal of your complaints at below address:

National Housing Bank,
Department of Regulation and Supervision,
(Complaint Redressal Cell)
4th Floor, Core- 5A, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110 003

The complainant can also approach the Complaint Redressal Cell by lodging its complaint at the link

It is hereby agreed that for detail terms and conditions of the loan, the parties hereto shall refer to and rely upon the loan and other security documents executed/ to be executed by them.

The above terms and conditions have been read by the Borrower/s / read over to the borrower by Shri/Smt./Kum. _____________________________of the MGHF and have been understood by the Borrower/s.

(Signature or thumb impression of the Borrower/s)

(Signature of the authorized person of Lender)

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